Cuba and the U.S. Empire: A Chronological History,

The updated edition of the classic "Cuba and the United States," which has been an essential resource since 1992 for those seeking to understand Cuba-U.S. relations.


Cuba-Estados Unidos: Cronología de una historia


Vietnam & America: A Documented History



The Cuba Obsession: The true history of CANF (the Cuban American National Foundation)
   Obsession Cubaine ou la véritable histoire de la CANF (en français)       

Gunning for Castro  A boatload of gunmen in a CANF vessel

Che Guevara Biography What's missing from the story

CANF Connection to George H. W. Bush (the elder) and Luis Posada

Panama: Background to the U.S. Invasion of 1989

A chronology of US-Panamanian relations and the events leading up to the invasion of Panama in 1989 by the George H. W. Bush administration

The Cuban Missile Crisis: An In-Depth Chronology

Out-Platting Platt: From Colonialism to Globalization
   Cuba et la Globalisation (en français)       

Cuba: from Neocolony to State of Siege

A review of the history of Cuba-US relations from the takeover of Cuba, as a neocolony, from Spain in 1898 until the state of siege that began with the Cuban Revolution of 1959



Terrorist Connections Resurface in Florida

Looking for Terrorists in Cuba's Health Care System
   Buscando Terroristas en el Sistema Cubano de Salud (en español)
   A la recherche de terroristes au sein du système de santé Cubain (en français)       

Through the Looking Glass in Guantánamo
   Al otro lado de espejo en Guantánamo (en español)
   Durch den Spiegel in Guantanamo (deutsch)

Building a Prison and Preaching Democracy: Bush's Cuba Obsession

Cuba-U.S. Relations During the War on Terror
   Las relaciones de Cuba y E.U. durante la Guerra al Terror (en español)

Guantanamo Prison

Who's Afraid of the Venezuela-Cuba Alliance?
   Qui a peur de l'alliance Venezuela-Cuba? (en français)       
   Chiha paura dell'alleanza Venezuela-Cuba? (italiano)
   ¿Quien tiene miedo de la alianza Venezuela-Cuba? (en español)

Bolton the Destroyer

Caracas: Meeting in Defense of Humanity

Terrorist Network Operating Openly in The United States
   Red terrorista funciona abiertamente en Estados Unidos (en español)

Miami Vice

How the New York Times Discovered All those WMDs in Iraq and Cuba

Terrorists Arrested in Miami

Tripping Over Cuba
   Excursiones a Cuba (en español)
   Torricelli trébuche sur Cuba (en français)       

Terrorist's Best Defense

The Good Shepherd at the Bay of Pigs

Fugitive Terrorist At Large (May 2007)

Legitimization and Normalization of Terror (May 2009)
   Legitimización y normalización del terror (en español)

The Silent War Against Terrorism (September 2010)
   La guerra silenciosa contra el terrorismo (en español)

New Cuba Games (December 2010)
   Jugando con Cuba (en español)

Sending Off the 23rd Friendshipment Caravan

What We're Not Supposed to Know about the Missile Crisis (2012)

MAESTRA: The March of the Pencils
   MAESTRA: la marcha de los lápices (en español)
   MAESTRA: la marcía delle matíte (in italiano)

August 5th for the Cuban 5: Jane Franklin Sends a Letter to Obama on August 5, 2013
   La Historiadora Estadounidense Jane Franklin Apela Al Presidente Obama Para Que Libere A Los Cinco (en español)

What Lies Across The Water: The Real Story Of The Cuban Five
Who would believe this story of the U.S. government's pursuit of antiterorrists if it were not real?


CELAC: A Paradigm Shift
CELAC offers Latin America and the Caribbean States a forum independent of the domination by Washington that characterizes the OAS.


The embarrassing flight of the three hawks
Three Cuban-American Senate hawks wishing their parents had fled "Castro's Cuba"

   El vuelo vergonzoso de los tres halcones (en español)
   Tres halcones del Senado cubano-americanos que desean que sus padres habían huido de "la Cuba de Castro"


The Historical Context of the Cuban Five
Simón Bolívar saw it coming: miseries "in the name of Freedom."




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