Cuba and the U.S. Empire:

A Chronological History

Jane Franklin

 Foreword by Noam Chomsky


“Whether one reads it as a history, or keeps it handy as a ready reference . . . this is a book that no serious student of U.S.-Cuba relations can afford to be without.“

PHILIP BRENNER, American University


“Indispensable does not begin to describe how important Jane Franklin’s book has been for all of us involved in the efforts to change U.S. policy towards Cuba. It has been number one on Marazul’s recommended list of books for our travelers since it first came out.”

BOB GUILD, Marazul Charters, Inc.


“A marvelous work that puts the U.S. government’s outrageous aggression into stark and stunning context.”

JOHN MARCIANO, State University of New York


Jane Franklin chronicles Cuba-U.S. relations from the time both were colonies, through each country’s revolution, to the present. Since its first edition in 1992, Cuba and the United States has been an essential resource for all those seeking to understand Cuba-U.S. relations. The new chapter of this expanded edition, Cuba and the U.S. Empire, brings us deep into the rapidly changing relations of the 21st century. For the growing throng of travelers to Cuba, this is an invaluable guide as they explore the island.  It is also a great read, with a cast of thousands and enough plots for hundreds of mystery novels. The chronological narrative weaves a complex tapestry in which the reader can make endless startling discoveries about the past, present, and possibly the future.


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